DESCRIPTION It is a strain, acrylic, copolymer based, silicon supported outdoor and indoor paint undercoat which provides isolation.
CHARACTERISTICS It is a water based paint undercoat. It decreases the expenses of last level paint consumption and makes the surface more resistant to outer atmospheric conditions.
APPLICATION AREAS It is used as a paint undercoat for indoor and outdoor isolation materials, water based paints and satin lime levels. Since it contains silicone additives, it provides ultimate isolation with its water proof specialty.
APPLICATION METHOD When it is used as a paint undercoat on outdoor surfaces, the surface becomes much more resistant to humidity, so that paint consumption decreases. A unit of Acrylic Primer is mixed with 5 units of water and applied on the surface.
Since the surfaces which will be painted for the first time, such as the ones covered with satin lime or gypsum are very absorbent, when covering these surfaces with undercoat, use 7 units of water for a unit of Acrylic Primer.
As an isolation material, Acrylic Primer is a strong isolation material which prevents moisture on terraces, roofs, in bathrooms and basements. In the first level use 1 unit of water for 1 unit of isolation material. And in the second and the third levels, use 2 unit of water for 1 units of isolation material.
DRYING PERIOD Acrylic Primer in room conditions and at 50 % of humidity dries within 2 or 3 hours at 25 °C
COVERING STRENGTH 20 - 25 m2 can be covered with 1 liter of Acrylic Primer or 15-21m2 of area can be covered with 1 Kg in one layer. Consumption may vary according to surface and application method