DESCRIPTION BS-18 is a styrene acrylic copolymer produced by emulsion polymerization. It is applied on the coating materials such as paints, silk plasters, mineral coatings etc as a top coat waterborne varnish. It may be used as an intermediary primer for surfaces of lime, prior to waterborne paint application. As it does not contain fillers, it may be used as transparent primer to impregnate and adhere the weak or loose surfaces as well.
DRYING TIME App. one hour (25°C)
CONSUMPTION 0.14-0.16 kg/m2 for one coat depending on the surface absorption
COVERAGE 6-7 m2/kg. for one coat depending on the surface absorption.
APPLICATION BS-18 is applied on paints, mineral coatings etc. before application of BS-18 material applied surface have to be completely dry. BS-18 is ready to apply, therefore it is not necessary to be thinned with water. It can be applied with brush, roller or spray gun as a thin film layer, preventing it not to drip or flow. Minimum application temperature is +5°C
STORAGE It has a shelf life of min. one year when kept unopened and away from excessive heat or frost
PACKAGE 4 kg -15 kg plastic buckets.
RISK PHRASES R22 - Harmful if swallowed
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS S2 Keep out of reach of children.
S7 Keep container tightly dosed
S25 Avoid contact with eyes.
S46 lf swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.