Decorative Ready Plaster

DESCRIPTION DECORATIVE READY PLASTER is a copolymer acrylic emulsion base product , which allows the walls to breathe. lt is water resistant nd thick textured ready made decorative coating which has a structural characteristic of easy made design and can be used on exterior surfaces. It has resistance to moisture and every kind of external effects. It does not peel off from the surface. It does not crack and its color does not change. It is easy to apply, it is economic and water based. It is ecological and easy to clean and has breathing feature.
PREPARATION OF SURFACE DECORATIVE READY PLASTER is applied on exterior fronts and also applied on surfaces with fine layer of plaster. On surfaces with powder paint and lime. On surfaces applied with spaying material or wood surfaces. Before the application of DECORATIVE READY PLASTER the surface has to be prepared in a convenient manner. Paste should be applied to fill the gaps and cracks DECORATIVE READY PLASTER has to be applied when the paste is completely dry. On surfaces with powder lime and paint the surface has to be scrapped and cleaned by a wire brush and Acrylic primer has to be applied than DECORATIVE READY PLASTER can be used.
APPLICATION PROCESS DECORATIVE READY PLASTER has to be emptied in to a clean bowl and mixed well. Some water can be added until obtaining the right consistency. After preparation process DECORATIVE READY PLASTER has to be applied on the surface with a steel trowel and then with a plastic trowel the required decoration has to be given. The plastic trowel should be moved in vertical, horizontal direction(from up to down) or casual manner to create design or patterns on the DECORATIVE READY PLASTER applied surface.
DRYING PERIOD 24-48 hours 20 C° depending on weather condition
COVERAGE One 25 kg bucket covers between 6-8 m2 .
STORAGE The material has to be stored in vetilated area protected from extreme heat and frost between +5 °C -+35°C shelf life 1 year.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS If the material will be applied on new concreted surface , the surface has to be plastered with concrete 2-4 weeks before
If the surface is a non applied new surface ,you have to be sure that the concrete is dried copletely and there is no any wetness inside of the wall.
After DECORATIVE READY PLASTER is applied , the weather has to be not rainy and windy for 24 hours. if ir rains right after the application the producer is not responsible fort he damages which will occure.