DESCRIPTION It is a acrylic copolymere resin based , colored decorative plaster made of micronized colored marble grids and is a long lasting decorative internal spray plaster.
PROPERTIES It has high resistance against atmospheric weather conditions . It sticks well and is strong . After drying it has a decorative barky apperance.It is recommendet to use on internal application.
APPLICATION AREAS It can be applied on any strong and decoration needed surface safety on internal , row concrete, gypsum , wood, prefabricated surface and ready fine concrete surfaces. The surface to be applicated has to be prepared, surface defaults , cracks, roughness has to be removed and the surface has to be dry and clean.
APPLICATION METHOD Before application of Micro mineral spray plaster ,it is recomendet to use Bekoteks acrylic primer, After 8-10 hours of application of primer , Micro mineral spray plaster has to be thinned with 0,5 lt water and mixed well, it has to be pured in to the treassure of the spray gun , with and 8-9 bar preassure compressor it has to be applied from a distance of 25-45 cm. Minimum application heat + 5C°
CONSUMPTION Micro 25 kg / 13-16 m2
DEPOLAMA Keept in its original package non opened and protected from extreem heat and frost min. One year