DESCRIPTION Bekoteks Shiny Gold mineral plaster is made of natural marble grids with melted glitter covered decorative and long lasting internal and external plaster.based on acrylic emulsion resin.
PROPERTIES It has high durability against Atmospheric weather conditions. It sticks well and is strong against rubbing and washing . After drying it has a decorative natural grained appearance . It has no any harm to human health and environment.
APPLICATION AREAS Bekoteks Shiny Gold mineral plaster can be applied on all kind of surface like; concrete, gas concrete, brick, fine plastered internal and external surfaces. Surface to be applied with Bekoteks Shiny Gold mineral plaster has to be prepared.surface defaults,cracks,roughness has to be removed and the surface has to be dry and clean.
APPLICATION METHOD Before application of Shiny Gold mineral plaster ,it is recomended to use Bekoteks acrylic primer. In to a 25 kg Shiny Gold mineral plaster has to be add 1-1,5 kg of water and mixed well to get ready for application. Application has to be carry out with an rectangle steel trowel, after some time it has to be glazed to get a smooth appearance. If a different color will be applied ,take care of the clean of the trowel.When application is been done on wide surfaces and could not finished use paper band to remind color differences. Minimum application heat +5 C°
CONSUMPTION Thick 25kg/ 4 – 4,5 m2
DEPOLAMA Keept in its original package non opened and protected from extreem heat and frost min. One year