DESCRIPTION It is a paint based on acrylic copolymer, with silicone additives, mat , top coating for external fronts. It can be used safely on external fronts of buildings, when needed on internal fronts, can be used as a decorative and protecti ve coating on surfaces like concrete, raw concrete, gas concrete, wooden surfaces, bricks, chipboards and previously painted surfaces..
COVERING STRENGTH 15-17 m2/L in one layer; 7,5-8,5 m2/L in two layers
CONSUMPTION 0,06-0,07 L/m2 in one layer; 0,12-0,14 L/m2 in two layers Should be applied in two layers. Consumption may vary according to surface and application method.
DRYING PERIOD 2-4 hours 23±2C°(3 days for resistance against exterior factors )
APPLICATION Before application of the paint the surface should be cleaned. Exterior fronts should be fixed with FRONT PASTE. BEKOTEKS ACRYLIC PRIMER should be applied at least in one layer. After 10-12 hours after application of primer this product should be diluted %25-30 by volume and applied in 2 layers by brush, roller or a pistol.
NOTES Before application mix well in its original package.
Should be stored at 5-35 °C in closed package.
Should be applied above +5 °C.
To avoid differences in tones make sure to use the paint of the same lot number.
In case of rain after application, protect the surface or stop the application
In case of very severe wind or very hot weather conditions should not be applied under direct sunlight.
To apply on the newly plastered surfaces, the plaster should be completely dried for at least 21 days.
HAZARD INSTRUCTIONS R 22 Hazardous when swallowed
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS S2: Keep out of reach of children
S7 Store the containers as being firmly locked in cool and wentilated areas
S25 Avoid contact with eyes
S46 When swollen see your physician and show the container and its label