DESCRIPTION Textured Roller paint is a colored external coating material made ready for use. Before starting the application the material has to be poured in to a larger container and mixed well. For thinning the product around %2 pure water has to be added. The application has to be carried out by equal application with roller, pattern can be given by using different types of roller during the application.
PREPARATION OF SURFACE To get a perfect result with Textured Roller paint, the surface has to be purified from dirt, dust and cleaned well. If there are cracks and gaps on the surface, it has to be filled and smoothed well with Paste 24 hours before the application of Textured Roller paint. It is recommended to use Acrylic Primer before the application of Textured Roller paint. After the application is carried out 24 hours is needed for drying.
HARDENING PERIOD 24 hours (depending on weather conditions) to get perfect application on wide surfaces, it is strictly recommended to use paper adhesive tapes to avoid making any mistakes.
DRYING PERIOD 10-12 hours Co depending on weather condition.
TOUCHING TIME Between 5-6 hours 20 °C depending on weather condition.
COVERAGE One 25 kg bucket covers around 10-25 m2 .
STORAGE The material has to be stored in ventilated area protected from extreme heat and frost between +5°C- +35 °C .
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS If the material will be applied on new concreted surface, the surface has to be plastered with concrete 2-4 weeks before. If the surface is a non applied new surface, you have to be sure that the concrete is dried completely and there is no any wetness inside of the wall. The application has to be done before the sun rise under shadow. After Textured Roller paint is applied the weather has to be not rainy and windy for 24 hours. If ir rains right after the application the producer is not responsible for the damages which will occure.