To all friends and Business partners

In the year 2006 we have start our Business with 4 customers in a small office

With todays capital I was afraid to enter in this sector as a Business woman, but I got the courage with the support of friends and customers .

Till the year 2007 we do answer the demands of our customers with outhern producers. In the middle of 2007 we have buy a place in Zirai aletler sanayi sitesi and build our Office and production.

The reason why we build our production was to make production following our quality understanding and formula , with a strong ground with our trade mark “Wall Master Bietex TM “ for our customers satisfaction.

In the year 2008 we do reach our Export potential arround 10 countries and now following the year end 2012 we do reach 32 countries. We do have make 5 new contracts for 2013 . Our aim is to increase this amount to reach the right place for our trade mark.

Under the roof of Bekoteks we do follow all new recentnesses to satisfy our Business partners and customers . With all our staffs we work in harmony to increase our quality and formula.

Our target is to put new products for our distributors and customers without giving any concession from the quality , Our aim to move with strong steps together with our friend and Business partners.

Dear Distributors and Business Partners;

We grow up with you and become a big family. As Bekoteks we do all the best to continue with trust ,friendship to be together for many years. Under the roof of Bekotes our aim is to go forward together with the trade mark “ Wall Master Bietex TM “ .

I do thank you for your Trust, Contribution , sincere and support ……


Chairman of Board