Product Description

It is a acrylic emulsion based decorative plaster made of glass particulars for interior and exterior surface applications. Colored glass for internal natural glass for both internal and external.


  • To its bright look it is decorative
  • To its breathing feature it allows the walls to breathe and throw moisture and steam out.
  • Is durable against alcali
  • Has resistance against UV, cold, heat, rain, snow and moisture
  • To its flexible resin combination it does not crack by hairline cracks.
  • It is manufactured with natural resin and does not smell and does not harm to environment and human health.

On interior and exterior surfaces, smooth concrete, ready concrete, wood,PVC surfaces


The surface has to be purified from all kind of dirt, dust and old paint. Surface has to be complete clean and dry.ıf there are cracks on the surface they have to be resolved with paste(putty). The surface where glass plaster will be applied must be primered with appropriate color with the glass mineral plaster.ıf all preparations has been done 0,5-1,0 lt of water has to be added and mixed well. After application of glass plaster 20-25 minutes  before the product dry product has to be glazed and smoothed to get equal and regular .


20 kg / 5-6 m2 if a appropriate primer is used following the plaster color.


24-48 hours (depending on application thickness and weather conditions)


20 Kg plastic buckets


Keep in its original package , protect from extreme heat and freeze , store minimum +5C° area.

Product Models