Product Description

Acrylic copolymer based resin based, water based, two component, ready to use, elastic, easily applied to all kinds of floors, blue colored natural insulation lining.


İIt should be used in painted indoor and outdoor before the  natural insulation plaster and alum is applied, in order to increase retention in horizontal and vertical floors.

  • It is ready for use.
    • It is easy to apply and has fluid property.
    • It can be applied using tools such as brush, roller etc.
    • It is elastic.
    • It sticks perfectly on each construction materials.
    • It provides surfaces to have respiration.
    • It does not contain solvents.

The natural insulating lining should be applied on moisture free, dry and clean surfaces. The surface must be depurated from all kinds of oil, dirt, dust and loose earth that may prevent the product to stick on the surface. The natural insulating lining should be applied in dry air between +5˚ C and +35˚ C. It should not be practiced in weather conditions such as rain, snow and frost. The practice should be carried out minimum 24 hours after the first