Product Description

It is a styrene acrylic copolymer and slicone combination base semigloss waterbased and odorless final layer paint which can be required both ready colored or White.


Can be applied on external and internal surfaces. Prevents external effects and water permeability through the concrete. To its silicone component it has perfect adhesion, flexibility, water and alkali resistance.


Used on internal and external surfaces on concrete, plaster, ytong, gypsum board and on surfaces where paint is required.


The surface to be applied should be cleaned from damp,oil, bulking paint. If there are cracks and gaps it has to be filled with paste/putty and the surface has to be smoothed and become ready for the final layer. It is recomended to apply primer appropriate to the color . ıt can be thinned in the rate of %10 to %30 with water depending on application color and surface. The product can be applied with roller, brush or spraying gun. To get the application result as required it is recomended to apply min. 2 layers.


Approximately  10 – 12 m2 can be applied in single layer with 1 lt , approximately 6 – 9 m2 area can be painted in single layer with 1 kg.


At 20 C° (temperature) 30 minutes, application period between each layer min.  4 Hours.

Product Models