Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Our Quality Policy

As Bekoteks Construction Industry our  Quality Principle is to present products on national and international standards which are over the expectation of our customers.

Continuous development and improvement is our company’s culture; Quality is the responsibility of all of our employees. Our basic principles are to improve the work ethic and skills of our employees with the trainings we offer them.

By using all the possibilities of technology to protect the environment, we will continue to be environmentally friendly, respectful to the environment , environmental protection.

In addition to complying with the legislation and legal regulations in force, we will continue to pursue our activities as reliable, ethical and environment friendly .

Our Environmental Policy

As Bekoteks with the Innovator beside high quality production in European Standards  We see protecting the environment is an integral part of our work.

In this frame ;

  • Until today, with our R & D investments and our environmentally friendly products which we are producing, we  always try to be  sensitive to the environment and human health and we are doing the best to protect the environment, and we will do our best to continue our environmentalism in our products and services,
  • To adapt on environmental legislation, legal regulations and relevant local environmental board decisions, as well as to ensure continuous improvement
  • Identifying environmental goals and objectives, establishing an environmental management system and continuously improving environmental performance
  • To control, reduce and prevent the elements that cause pollution of the environment, to enable recycling of recoverable wastes, to dispose of wastes in accordance with the relevant legislation when recovery is not possible,
  • Working to raise environmental standards in cooperation with government authorities, related organizations, customers and suppliers,
  • To organize trainings for the formation of environmental awareness throughout the company and to ensure the continuity of environmental awareness
  • • Protecting and improving the environment Bekoteks Construction Industry is the duty of all our employees.