Product Description

This decorative and long lasting material is manufactured by mixing colored micro granules, with natural resins and other additives. It can be used for coating interior and exterior surfaces, row concrete, concrete, ytong, wood, PVC, glass and old painted surfaces as protection and decoration product with a spraying gun.


One layer                     : 13-16 m2/25 kg

Consumption can change following surface and application system.


Surface has to be clean and dry, if there are cracks they have to be filled with paste. Applied surface has to be primered with appropriate color, after 8-10 hours Micro Mineral spraying plaster can be used for application with a spraying gun, application has to be carried out circular direction in a distance of 30-40 cm .


24 hours (following external effects durability and strength can be reached in 7 days)


With water ( for 25 kg package 0,5 lt water has to be added for application)


25 kg plastic buckets


Under +5C° application is not recommended, product has not to be stored at  0 C° and over +40 C°

Storage life of Micro Mineral is (24 months max.) if stored in its package, protected from freeze and direct sunlight and appropriate storage conditions provided.During application to prevent color changes use same serial number product. If weather is rainy protect the applied surface and stop application. By strong windy and extreme hot weathers and under direct sun light it is not recommended to work. During application of Micro Mineral Plaster the pressure of the compressor has to be 8-9 bars.

Product Models