Selection and Placement

Bekoteks hires people who see the Future, Sustainable Success.

The aim of the recruitment process at Bekoteks is to ensure that the people who can best fulfill the requirements of the position they are supposed to undertake and continuously improve the contribution to the company by adapting to the structure of the company, without discrimination on the basis of healthy methods and equal opportunities.

Applications may be transmitted from different sources, such as by e-mail, website, company employees, or consulting firms. All submitted applications are kept in the Bekoteks Human Resources application database

The Human Resources and related departments are in talks with Bekoteks to recruit the most suitable candidates for the position .The Human Resources Department makes the first evaluation of the interviews with the criteria such as the competencies of the person, personality traits, adaptation to the institutional culture. The relevant section evaluates the technical knowledge of the candidate, suitability of the team, whether it has the experience and competence to carry out the work at the desired level. a variety of analyzes and tests are conducted to determine personality traits and qualifications in order to increase objectivity in the recruitment process.