Product Description

Colored mineral plaster is made of different size of Colored Stones and styrene acrylic copolymere material. It is a decorative and long lasting material.

It can be applied on internal and external surfaces easily It has resistance against weather conditions and gives lot of color choices, is made of colored grids. compared with other products it has longer durability life, breathing feature, many different patterns can be made and if applied with correct instructions and system it is not possible to pour out the product from the surface. 


Decorative look required surfaces, internal and external surfaces, concrete surfaces,gas concrete surfaces,ready concrete surfaces,wood surfaces, shortly on all surfaces where long lasting,stable application is required.


Surface has to be clean and purified from old paints,plasters, surface has to be dry and has to be applied with primer (undercoat). If there are roughness and thin cracks on the surface it is recommendet to use paste(putty) to have a smooth surface. After all preparations are made 0,5-1,0 lt of water has to be added and mixed well.colored mineral plaster can be applied with a steel trowel. 20-25 minutes after natural mineral plaster application product has to be glazed and smoothed with steel trowel to have equal look. When product is completely dry it is recommendet to apply transparent laquer BS-18 to have bright look on the product.


Kalın boyut    :

Thick size                    :  25 kg/ 5-5,5 m2

Medium size                 : 25 kg/ 6-8 m2

Satin size                     : 25 kg/ 8-10 m2


24-48 Hours ( depending on application thickness and weather conditions)


In 25 kg plastic buckets


Keept in its original package ,protected from freeze and extreme heat and stored minimum at + 5C°

Product models