Product Descriptions

Bekoteks Plaster with High Insulation Against Heat, Sound, Fire and Nemen consists of inorganic materials from voluminous and artificial stones, from lightened aggregates with open cell that can be porous and breathable. When mixed with water, mortar form is a natural insulation material that prevents heat, sound, fire insulation, moisture, mold and fungi formation by its area structure.


 Can be applied directly in interiorand exterior walls of buildings, on bricks, pumice concretes, gas concretes,and exposed concretes of new buildings without the need of black- roughcast.


Delfin Thermoproff natural heat, water, noise, fire insulation
plaster should be mixed for 5 minutes with tools such as mixer, concrete mixer,reciprocating plastering machine etc. with 11 or 12 liters of unused water in a 50 liters pot according to the desired material consistence, providing the usage of one pack in one time. To avoid chalking or sinking during mixing, the half of the water should be put in the pot before the mixing process. After the recommended time of mixing is completed, you should wait approximately for 2- 3 minutes for the homogeneity of the material


: Conforming the preparation and timing, the material can be
applied to the surface using trowel or reciprocating plastering machine. The desired thickness (minimum 2 cm) is provided by using molding plaster in two times. There can be cracks or spillages in the thickness provided in first time. There should be waiting period of 24 hours between the first and the last layers. After the last layer is applied; the molding plaster should be removed, the holes should be filled and clover applied to the surface to be prepared for the paint or other decorative products. Through dry is 25˚ C in 48 hours, test dry is 25˚ C in 28 days.